Hi, I'm Đức.

My full name is Tôn Hồng Đức, but most people call me by my alias AVAVT.

I'm a Vietnamese Go player, indie game developer and programming instructor.

I've been doing programming works since 2008 with specialization in visualization, animations and simulations. You can see some of my recent works below.

I also answer Stackoverflow questions in my free time.

Things I've made

  • Phaeria's Mine

    "Tavern" Defense game that focus on resource management and macro strategy.

    This is my entry for Ludumdare 40. The theme of the jam was: The more you have, the worse it is.

  • Johi Farm

    Kid-friendly action platformer.

    This is my entry for Ludumdare 38. The theme of the jam was: Small Worlds.

  • TechKids.vn

    Original design & code scaffolding of the main site for TechKids Coding School - where I'm serving as an instructor.

    Actual website was completed and maintained by the school's graduates.

  • Apples of Eden

    A tribute to the mobile classic Snake.

    An action puzzle game where you guide Little Snake around the ever-changing garden maze of Eden.

    Featuring an innovative gameplay for classic concept.

  • Monument Generator

    Generate random colorful monuments onclick/idle.

  • g0tStats?

    Analytic tool for Online Go Server. Provides interesting (I hope) statistics about a player on OGS.

    Source code is available on GitHub.

  • REAC - Color Domino

    A puzzle game based on color & changes. The game is quite difficult and I would say it's not for everyone.

For the full list of my past works, please see my Linkedin profile.